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Campus has the potential to make staggering advances in your education marketing and sales results. This FREE 2 hour seminar held at our offices in Gloucestershire could be the most important thing you do for your business all year!

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The User Experience demonstrates...

how Campus can reinvent your education marketing and sales strategies through an expert-led walkthrough at our offices in Gloucestershire. It also gives you the opportunity to pick our education marketing expert brains on any questions or ideas you have regarding your education strategy.

What Happens


Review (15 mins)

When you join us at our offices we’ll kick off by focusing on your current sales and marketing methods.


Locate (15 mins)

Holes in your sales funnel and customer relationship plan will be pinpointed.


Problem (15 mins)

Learn about what is broken with selling to schools and how it inspired Campus.


Solution (1 hour)

Experience an expert-led walkthrough of Campus, see how the software will work for you.

Q & A

Q & A (15 mins)

Ask the experts anything about Campus or education marketing in general.

Oh and of course!

Oh and of course!

Feel free to fuel yourself with our spread of traditional soft drinks, coffee, and pic ‘n’ mix.

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“Campus has just kept on delivering for us!”

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