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“Campus is without doubt generating much higher quality leads for us than ever before.”

Ian Richardson – Managing Director, Schudio

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Power your marketing with access to our database of schools and teachers. That’s a huge pool of potential customers!

Create targeted...

marketing lists of schools and teachers.

Lists are instantly available to use in the email module, no import or export required.

The data is...

accurate and updated internally by our team, (we’ve made 5.681k updates in the last month), so your campaigns reach the right audience.

You get access to 32k+ educational establishments, 308k staff names* and job roles, plus powerful context data fields such as Ofsted ratings, pupil data, budgets, exam results, and more.
*Campus does not provide the direct emails of teachers.

Find a specific school or teacher, view their details, and then convert them into a contact in your CRM module with one click.

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“Campus has just kept on delivering for us.”
Ben Holt – Team Camp

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A place for your current and future customers and enquirers. Track every interaction that teachers have with your business with Campus’s live-feed notifications. Then pin-point where each individual’s needs lie and build better, longer-lasting, and more profitable relationships.

Manage contacts...

from one place. Build highly-segmented marketing lists and create custom fields to record buyer persona data so you can understand more about each teacher’s needs.

When your account is set up you can simply import your existing contacts into your CRM module (or ask us to do it for you)!

Campus will log web visits, email opens, clicks, and form submissions all from your contact's live-feed, so you can pick up a relationship at any point, with ease.

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“I now have a complete picture and understanding of every one of my customers and how they interact with my business.”
James Denton – Fluentblu

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Real-time notifications

Provide your sales team with the power to react instantly to leads with Campus‘s pop-up notifications.

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Pop-ups inform you of any interactions with your website and when a contact has opened, or clicked on, one of your marketing emails.

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Send day-to-day emails, log telephone calls, send quotes and invoices, and create notes, all from within your CRM module.

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Use Campus’s drag ‘n’ drop editor to create engaging responsive emails that render correctly on both desktop and mobile devices. With 49.3% of emails to teachers now being opened on mobile devices, now is the time to send marketing emails that are mobile responsive. Campus takes care of this for you!

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Why use Campus’s email platform over an external system?
No Exporting & Importing
Both the education data and emailing platform are integrated within Campus, so lists are instantly accessible to send to.
Recreating Lists Is No More
Once a list is created within Campus it is continually refreshed and updated as the data changes over time.
Email More Schools
Many external email systems don’t allow sending to generic school emails. This is not a problem with Campus.
Reputation Built Since 2007
Our IPs have built up white-listed reputations with schools so Campus can deliver an average 50% higher open rate than the industry norm.
Enhance The Value of...
Every open and click as each interaction influences each contact's position in your sales funnel.
UK Based Servers
Using our localised servers enhances the delivery of Campus’s emails as opposed to generic emailing platforms that are usually hosted abroad.
Accessible lists
Accessible lists

Access any marketing lists you’ve created within the Education Data or CRM Modules.


Personalise your email content with one click.

Clear reporting
Clear reporting image

Track, analyse, and report on your email’s performance. Use the results to improve future campaigns.

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Transform your quoting and invoicing processes and track your sales and quote performance. Streamline your processes by adding a list of your own products, prices, and VAT rates, then create automated quotes and invoices.

With one click...

convert a quote into an invoice, generate an online PDF version, and watch your sales performance charts update.

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Create lead generation forms, capture new contacts, and organically grow a powerful opt-in list of teachers. Use your forms to understand buyer persona data and use this to drive your future marketing.

Drag and drop

Build a form in seconds with the drag and drop editor and create unique custom fields to collect specific data on those contacts.

Any completed forms will instantly feed into Campus, no data inputting needed!

Edit live forms

Campus provides the web code to embed a form on your website. Any changes made to them will reflect on your site automatically.

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Monitor how contacts and untracked visitors interact with your website. Create a list of friendly URLs, and watch as Campus’s pop-up notifications inform you of a web visit in real-time.

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Sales Funnel

Create your own unique sales funnel and watch Campus help you close more sales.

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Campus has re-invented education marketing. Read the stories of some of many Campus users.

Simple Pricing

Campus starts from the equivalent of £199 p/month

This includes access to our database of schools and teachers

The Blueprint for Success

Learn how Campus’s inbound marketing features can be used to grow your education business.

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