The Optimus Prime of Funnels

Campus’s individual features work as one to form a powerful sales funnel which your contacts move through.

Design Your Own Funnel Image

Design Your Own Funnel

Monitor your contacts’ funnel positions, and send them relevant marketing to move them towards purchasing.

Lead Capture Image

Lead Capture

Use Campus’s Forms Module to start converting schools and teachers from the Education Data Module into contacts within your CRM Module.

Lead Tracking Image

Lead Tracking

Campus’s live-feed automatically track and log a contact’s every web visit, email click, and correspondance; all in real-time.

Lead Scoring Image

Lead Scoring

Automatically award ‘funnel points’ to contacts based on their interactions with your business. The number of points you award them, and what they are awarded for, is completely up to you.

Lead Qualification Image

Lead Qualification

Set up theresholds to determine how many points a contact needs before they move to a more qualified stage in your sales funnel.

Lead Targeting Image

Lead Targeting

Instantly identify the best sales opportunities in your sales funnel, whilst ensuring your marketing encourages mid and low-level engagers to earn more points.

Sell more with Campus

Use Campus’s sales funnel feature to send impactful marketing to the right contacts at the key points within their sales journey. Focus sales processes and time, and ultimately close more sales with schools.

James Denton –  Director, Fluentblu Image

“It’s like having an alarm bell to say, make a personal contact [with a teacher] and see if we can develop this [relationship] further.”

James Denton – Director, Fluentblu

Simple Pricing

Campus starts from the equivalent of £199 p/month

This includes access to our database of schools and teachers

The Blueprint for Success

Learn how Campus’s inbound marketing features can be used to grow your education business.

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