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isn’t easy! So to ensure our clients sell more to schools than their competitors we invest £400k p/year to maintain the edu-marketing world’s most advanced emailing infrastructure and education database. Only then can we be sure that the emails we design, the plans and strategies we create, and HTML emails we build safely reach teachers’ inboxes.

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Select your target audience from our education database of 308k teachers and school staff, and 32k educational establishments.

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We’ve built a technical infrastructure that gets more of your emails to their journey's end - teachers' inboxes. Our processes and £197k yearly investment in technology make us the UK’s most advanced education agency.

Content and HTML code analysis

We don’t just spam score your email content, but importantly check the HTML code to ensure a better deliverability through filter systems.

Servers you and schools can trust

We broadcast emails through our own secure Linux Servers which are robustly firewalled, optimised for email deliverability, and backed up nightly.

Control all the way to the inbox

Our servers are not rented. They are owned and managed in-house, giving us full control of your email’s safe journey from send to inbox.

Domain linked IPs

Our IPs and domains are set up with forward confirmed reverse DNS lookup. This is best practice for optimum email deliverability.

Email validation

We achieve email validation from mail exchanges with Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) set up on our IP/domains.

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Our support services are designed to locate areas of improvement within your campaigns, nurture more leads, generate better engagement, and ultimately add that spark to a strategy that creates more leads and sales opportunities.

Database of Leads

Access the contact details of teachers and schools that show a qualified interest in your email by choosing to download an image, or click a link.

Each database provides the lead’s email, name, position, school name, and phone number, so you can follow-up and drive more sales.
Database of Leads FAQs >

*Add a Database of Qualified Leads (DQL) to your campaign for just £399 + VAT. A DQL is included as standard with our Lead Creation Plan and Master Plan strategies. Each DQL contains up to 1,000 leads.

Tracking & Engagement

Review your campaign’s performance, and use the insight into the data behind the campaign to fine-tune your future emails. Tracking Report FAQs >

*Add a Tracking Report to your campaign for just £50 + VAT. Tracking is included as standard as part of our Lead Creation Plan and Master Plan strategies.

Dynamic Content

Show teachers that you are really, really good at sending relevant emails by changing your content depending on the recipient.

Dynamic content and subject lines will ultimately help you generate more clicks, conversions, and sales.

*Add Dynamic Content to your campaign from just £299 + VAT, and Dynamic Subject Lines from just £99 + VAT.

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Take your campaign’s results to the next level by subscribing to Campus (our education marketing and sales software). Campus gives your business the tools to continue capturing leads, track and analyse their interactions with your website and brand, follow them up within your sales funnel, react to them in real-time, and make more sales, long after your managed email campaign is complete.


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If you have any questions about our emailing service just go to our FAQs page or feel free to get in touch directly.

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“Sprint has helped to establish us as the UK's leading medical gap year specialists. Their direct emails have been essential to our success.”

Mark Hinksman – Gap Medics
Jonathan Jacob –  Marketing Manager, Absolute Radio Image

“Emailing teachers allowed us to enter a market that would have been impossible without Sprint's expertise and teacher contacts."

Jonathan Jacob – Marketing Manager, Absolute Radio

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