For businesses needing only the best education data to power their education marketing strategies

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Education Data
30k+ schools & 270k teachers
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For businesses looking for an all-encompassing solution to their in-house education data, marketing & sales

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Marketing Software
Campus, the complete education solution
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Sprint Education is...

an award-winning marketing agency that has pioneered marketing strategies for education businesses who are looking to sell to the UK education sector. We create 48 million connections between our clients and education staff annually, and ultimately help them sell more to schools and teachers.

Education marketing strategies

At Sprint we create digital strategies which are designed and then broadcast to the inboxes of the school staff you wish to target. Full reporting can be provided along with our revolutionary database of qualified leads service (where you access the direct emails of interested teachers). For a return on investment we offer the optimum channels for those looking to sell to school staff.

Sharing the knowledge

Since 2007 we’ve published over 500 research reports, blogs, and videos to help education businesses produce better marketing. This is our way of saying thank you to the thousands of businesses that have helped us become a once in a generation education marketing agency!

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The future of education marketing

In the past, education businesses were forced to use generic software to sell to schools. This didn’t work and resulted in lost sales, time, and valuable relationships with school staff. So we set to developing Campus; an integrated software solution to education data, marketing, CRM, and sales strategies. Marketing to schools will never be the same!

We've helped 10,000+ education businesses We've helped 10,000+ education businesses We've helped 10,000+ education businesses sell more to schools

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“In the education sector there is absolutely no company that compares to Sprint Education. They helped us to understand our marketing and teacher audience better – it’s a niche industry, and they are definitely top of their field.”

James Denton – Director, Fluentblu
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