Live sector insights and intelligence

Discover your audience’s opinions, needs, concerns, and school priorities. Then execute data-driven campaigns that strike at the heart of what they truly need from you to make a difference.

Selling to Schools

Do you know what your education audience really want from you?


Of Staff Surveyed

Optimum education marketing channels

91.4% of staff prefer email as the method of communication from education businesses when engaging and replying to marketing.


Top Score

Where schools will increase spending

In a post-Covid recovery, it’s unsurprising that additional learning support (30.4%) is where schools plan on increasing their spending.


Weeks’ Notice

Notice needed for edtech demos

The vast majority of education staff would expect an edtech firm to give them 2-4 weeks' notice when booking in a software demo.


Of Staff Surveyed

How often do staff view their work email inbox

46% of teachers surveyed said they check their work emails 10+ times daily, equating to 5.3M daily inbox views.

Time your marketing campaigns to perfection

Time your marketing campaigns to perfection

Use a live education calendar that displays the key events and dates occurring in, or around the education sector that might have an effect on your marketing results.

From budget release dates, to exam schedules and holidays, the calendar helps when planning perfectly timed campaigns that generate optimum results.

  • Interactive insights calendar with live updates
  • Filter by multiple event categories
  • Select optimum launch dates to enhance engagement

Teacher and school insights

The Teacher and School Insights tool gives you access to a database of insights, surveys, and cultural trends to understand the behaviour, priorities, and pain points of schools.

With thousands of active teachers/staff being surveyed regularly, you can view and interrogate data with ease. Take a snapshot of the sector based upon a specific topic, or explore results to uncover behavioural insights, pain points, and opinions of a particular staff type or school sub-set.

  • View and interrogate teacher and school survey results
  • Make data-driven decisions to tailor your strategy
  • Position your offer as an “absolute must” for schools
Teacher and school insights

Campus is essential to any business that are serious about marketing within the education sector.

The quality and range of data available is unrivalled, providing us with the ability to target specific audiences across the education sector. This autonomy has revolutionised our marketing strategy and the leads it generates.

John McBride - Enrich Education

Advanced schools marketing insights - coming soon!

Advanced schools marketing insights - coming soon!

Become an education marketing pro with Campus’s Marketing Insights tool. Query live statistics from 10,000+ education campaign results and filter the data to expose the trends and content blueprints statistically proven to work for similar products and services.

  • Access marketing results from 10,000+ campaigns
  • Filter statistics including sector and audience types
  • Uncover proven content themes, subject lines, and CTAs

Curated marketing to schools resources

Access a library of advanced marketing to schools assets that unlock Sprint Education’s ‘white glove’ internal sector news updates, survey analysis, and marketing and selling to schools trend reports.

  • Sector news bulletins
  • Exclusive video content
  • Curated survey results and resources
Meet the Education Expert

Used by world-class edu-businesses

sellers to schools sellers to schools

What Campus users say


Tre Christopher, Director Dandelion Learning

We have already had excellent responses to our campaigns and also love the user friendly, intuitive style of the product.

Having recently bought into Campus, we're absolutely delighted with the database and with the service provided. The team are friendly and approachable as well as being very knowledgeable.

The system goes above and beyond what we imagined and has met all of our marketing and sales needs. I can honestly say that Campus is by far the best value for money that I could find and offers the most diverse and comprehensive product.


Mike Southern, Co-Founder Stage-Ed

We’re now able to engage with new teachers, getting to know our target audience, and developing our relationships with current customers.

Like everyone else we were really worried about both the short and long-term effects COVID would have on our business as we rely on a functioning education system for us to operate.

We needed to up our engagement and generate more leads from schools. Campus has been invaluable in helping us do this.


Jaysica Marvell, Manager Herts for Learning

Campus is a fantastic platform for businesses marketing towards education.

With the ability to target specific audiences within the education sector, this provides us with marketing strategies unlike ordinary mailing platforms.

The build and drag capabilities within the email module is highly functional and editable with features that provide detailed adjustments.


Ian Richardson, MD Schudio

Campus has had a huge, direct impact on the growth of our business.

I have no doubt that it's played a massive part in increasing turnover by 40%. I can't recommend it highly enough.


Will Huntingdon, CEO Cross-Curricular

I think Campus is amazing. It's helped my business grow astronomically this past year.

I'm so happy I came on board. Campus has helped us target and retarget our education customers and find new ones with ease, whilst the Campus support team are very friendly and helpful.


Kerry Harwood, CEO Animaphonics

We’ve gone from a contact list of about 30 schools to nearly 800 within 6 months.

We've also got 99 schools on a trial for this term (really annoyed we didn’t get the full 100!), which is way beyond any of our goals.

We’ve only been using Campus for 6 months, so couldn't be happier!


Chris Cowan, Co-Founder Loudmouth Education

Campus is an awesome system, it is easy to use, and streamlines all of our processes.

The leads just keep coming through, we're all a bit overwhelmed by the response. It is fantastic of course, we just weren't quite prepared for the success that Campus would bring.


Sally Weatherly, Director Guzled

Campus has revolutionised the way I attract and interact with teachers.

It was super easy to get started, especially with the ongoing support from the Campus team.

The whole process from collecting qualified leads to closing sales has been expertly combined into one crazily useful education database.

Campus has allowed me to target my email marketing more effectively and I am delighted with the visible growth in my customer base, even within a few weeks of using Campus.


Tim Earnshaw, Director My Happy Mind

Bottom line is the platform has delivered very strong results for us and delivered an exceedingly strong ROI. We would happily recommend Campus to anybody looking to sell to the education sector.

Their product gives us at Happy Mind great reach to the teacher audience we want to market to, it's easy to use and has a strong feature set for our needs, without the bells and whistles of other marketing platforms that you pay for but seldom if ever use and which add to the complexity of the products making them less usable.

Good software without good support is only half the need met though, and in this regard Campus really excels and stands head and shoulders above all other vendors in terms of responsiveness and quality of support.


Adam Fouracre, Founder Stand Against Violence

Our work has benefited hugely from having the Campus software and marketing support.

Great team of very helpful people. We have tried many marketing techniques over the years. Other solutions don't seem to work.

Grow your education brand with Campus

Grow your education brand

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Prospect Live Education Data

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Email Edu-Staff Inboxes

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Sell More to Schools

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