Maintaining The World's Most Accurate Education Database

Maintaining The World's Most Accurate Education Database

Learn about the monumental task of maintain the world’s most accurate edu-database as teachers hop from role to role.

Learn about the monumental task of maintain the world’s most accurate edu-database as teachers hop from role to role.

Kat Thompson
Kat Thompson
Published: 17th September 2020

It now seems a distant memory, but just a few years back, our in-house Data Team were making 20,000 updates to our database every month.

But with some months busier than others and with teachers hopping from role to role more often than a nervous frog with twitchy legs, we knew that to offer the world's most accurate and revolutionary education database we needed to up our game.

… and that’s exactly what we did.

How the game changed

Firstly we enlisted a team of specialist Data Managers. They were hand-picked using rigorous tests that enabled us to assess 3 essential skills:

  • Proof Reading: A meticulous eye for detail.
  • Data Collection: A tenacity for gathering information.
  • Presentation: An ability to clearly display key facts.

Those that made it through then had to achieve 5 hours of quality data management on a test version of Campus (our education data and marketing software where our database lives). Their work was constantly scrutinised and spot checked - we were pretty tough on them!

It’s fair to say only the strongest candidates made it through our selection process. We set the bar deliberately high to ensure we had the best team possible on board. After all, our data is everything to us, so we’re understandably protective of it.

40,000 updates per month

The new system went live, and within the first month, this elite squad of Data Managers had smashed our previous target with a massive 40,196 updates!

Straight away, these updates made a huge difference to Campus and those sellers to schools using the software to grow their education business…

40,000 Meaningful Updates equates to:

  • 16,000 new teachers added
  • 21,000 new teacher roles adjusted
  • 8,000 new teacher emails added

These additions are like gold dust. They keep our database up-to-date, and, ultimately, they’re at the centre of everything we do.

Now… 80,000 updates per month!

Within 6 months more Data Managers joined our team, taking the total to 17!

With their help, we began reaching 80,000 meaningful updates a month, consistantly. This equates to:

  • 24,000 new teachers – or nearly 300,000 a year!
  • 34,00 new teacher roles
  • 13,000 new teacher emails

What’s more, a comparison between email open rates for January against the previous year showed a 2% improvement.

This suggested data management was having an immediate impact on the quality of our send lists and our clients marketing results!

The most accurate education database in the world

Our Data Team are also trained to actively cleanse our existing data, ensuring that it’s as accurate as possible. In fact, the flexible nature of their work ensures that the database is now cleansed day and night, 7 days a week.

Every month (on average) our Data Management Team:

  • Delete 827 teachers (Bad data)
  • Close 3,773 teachers who have left
  • Edit 1,960 existing teacher emails
  • Edit 3,213 existing teacher roles
  • … and visually check 3,214 teachers.

Staying one step ahead

Having a fully focused Data Management Team allows us to react quickly to how the education sector is continually evolving, which ensures the data with Campus allows our users to connect with vastly more teachers/school staff members that their competitors aren't even aware that they exist!

As an example, our data team were tasked with actively hunting for Designated Safeguarding Personnel. Within 12 months we'd increase this role type from 1,000 unique emails to over 28,000.

More recently, when a raft of Wellbeing and Mental Health responsibilities were anticipated, our guys already had their eyes peeled, adding those teachers/staff where they appeared.

Our team also target ‘Quarantined’ or ‘Unverified’ email on a daily basis. Their ability to seek out new or revised email formats is enabling us to get ‘bouncing’ teachers back into our send lists quicker than ever before.

A 5% increase in open rates

A comparison of open rates since the Data Managers came on board compared to the previous year showed nearly a 5% increase.

This is a huge increase considering that thousands of emails are sent by our clients every month. Of course, other factors have also improved the open rate, but there is no doubt that Data Management has played a significant role.

Sprint Campus doubles in size!

What a difference a year makes. In just over twelve months, the introduction of Data Management transformed Campus's education database. It has practically doubled in size!

What the future holds

With each month seeing 80,000 updates and 13,000 new teachers on average, our managed email strategy clients and our Campus users has never been in a better position to connect with more teachers than ever before!

As a Campus user, your account is updated in real time, so you’ll never have to worry about keeping the data within the Education Data Module accurate, we take care of that for you. Let us grow your reach – while you concentrate purely on growing your business.

To see Campus in action including how the integrated education database forms the bedrock of the software, arrange a quick walkthrough by getting in touch with our team on, or 01684 297374.

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