A Who’s Who Guide to UK School Staff (Part 1)

A Who’s Who Guide to UK School Staff (Part 1)

Target your schools marketing with our breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of every school decision-maker and influencer in the UK.

Target your schools marketing with our breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of every school decision-maker and influencer in the UK.

Kat Thompson
Kat Thompson
Published: 20th May 2022

Senior Management Team

CEO- Decision-Maker

A CEO is the strategic lead of a Multi-Academy Trust, supervising all Head Teachers working within the trust. They take full responsibility of all non- education outcomes, specifically the academies’ finances and budgets, and the operational growth of the trust.

Bursar / Business Manager - Decision-Maker

Reporting directly to the Head Teacher and potentially communicating with local authorities and school governors, the Bursar is in charge of the school’s financial administration. The Bursar manages the school budget, and is responsible for the procurement and payment of products and services. They may perform additional duties, including recruitment, marketing, and holding managerial responsibility of other administrative staff.

Executive Head Teacher - Decision-Maker

The Executive Head Header is the Head Teacher directly responsible for more than one school, typically as part of a Multi-Academy Trust, Federation, or other partnership arrangement. The EHT is the strategic leader of all establishments under their leadership, overseeing their improvement, growth, and partnerships.

Head Teacher / Principal - Decision-Maker

The most senior teacher and leader of the school, the Head Teacher is responsible for pupils’ education, staff management, and policy making. They will typically work with governing bodies to communicate school values; support the Bursar in controlling school finances in line with funding regulations; and set, track, and monitor individual and whole-school targets and performance.

Deputy Head - Decision-Maker

The second-most senior position in the SLT, Deputy Heads typically manage leadership duties, including the improvement of the school and staff. They can make high-level decisions in the Head Teacher’s absence (if the school does not have an Executive Head), fully adopting their role should the Head Teacher take sudden leave.

Assistant Head - Influencer

The third-most senior position, Assistant Heads assist with their Head’s duties where required, but do not make high-level decisions. They may be responsible for managing or contributing to the success of pastoral care, school and performance data, and teaching and learning outcomes. Like Deputy Heads, they are sometimes classroom teachers.

Dean - Decision-Maker

In Higher Education settings, the Dean is the academic leader with academic, programmatic, managerial, and financial responsibilities for the school. They ensure the establishment is delivering effective teaching and learning, and provide direction and resources to do so. They are also responsible for student recruitment and progress, and maintaining the school’s culture across faculty, staff, and students.

Associate Dean - Decision-Maker

Similarly to a school’s Deputy Head, the Associate Dean in HE establishments supports the Dean in various matters. Acting somewhat of a middle manager between the Dean and academic departments, they’ll perform administrative responsibilities across areas including education, research, administration, and financial oversight.

Head of School - Decision-Maker

Appointed and held accountable by the Board, the Head of School is responsible for the general management of the school, ensuring effective leadership and vision, and facilitating a high-quality student experience. They’ll work closely with Executives to develop the school’s strategic plan and reviewing school performance, and usually hold a lot of financial responsibility.

Head of Further/Higher Education - Decision-Maker

Working closely with the establishment’s Head Teacher and Directors, this academic leader is usually a former or current teacher with plenty of classroom experience. They’ll be involved in developing the HE/FE curriculum, supporting staff in meeting department goals, managing the department’s finances, and ensuring all HE/FE staff are delivering effective education.

Nursery Manager - Decision-Maker

Nursery Managers are fully responsible for the leadership and management of the nursery and its staff, and the standards of care and education. If the nursery does not belong to a school, the Nursery Manager has one of the widest ranges of leadership duties, often fully in charge of finances, policies, health and safety, communications, and all administrate duties.

Head of Development - Decision-Maker

The Head of Development may be appointed by the Head Teachers and Directors to spur facility-wide development, or may have smaller, more specific roles in different departments (such as STEM, staff, or sports, for example). Working closely with department staff, they’ll ensure the curriculum drives change, set staff goals and work with them to ensure they’re met, and always be on the lookout for new services or products to transform their school.

Head of Assessment - Decision-Maker

The Head of Assessment is responsible for setting, reviewing, and acting on assessments across various areas of the school. A common example is student outcomes; measuring the effectiveness of the current curriculum and teaching methods, and passing the results onto Heads of Development and Subject Heads who can then act on the results.

Head of Services - Decision-Maker

This role is responsible for running and maintaining adequate services across the school. The role may differ across establishments – for example, some staff may focus on services for staff or students, or some may be services for a specific department or group of subjects. Regardless of the specifics, they will work with many members of staff, hold budget responsibilities, and may manage a wider team.

Head of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum - Decision-Maker

This role leads and coordinates the ongoing development of teaching staff in relation to their teaching, learning, and curriculum practices. They’ll provide support and leadership for curriculum design, pedagogy, assessment, and innovation, working closely with Heads of Development, subject heads, and the Head of Inclusion to deliver a high-quality, equal school experience for all.

Head of Progress, Quality, and Enrichment - Decision-Maker

Similarly to other development heads, this staff member is responsible for securing great whole-school and individual outcomes, working with many members of staff across the organisation to do so. This will include curriculum-based development, but also personal development through targeted interventions, extra-curricular activities, and health and wellbeing initiatives.innovation, working closely with Heads of Development, subject heads, and the Head of Inclusion to deliver a high-quality, equal school experience for all.

Director of Studies - Decision-Maker

Working closely with the Head Teacher, and Year/Department Heads, the Director of Studies monitors, evaluates, and develops the curriculum and its delivery, plus reporting and assessment procedures. They’ll lead all teachers to achieve high-quality delivery and academic welfare, observing teaching and running professional development training sessions where necessary.

Head of Operations - Decision-Maker

The Head of Operations plays a high-profile role in leading the efficient and effective delivery of all operational, technical, and administrative services within the school. Working closely with Heads and Executives, the Head of Operations will support them in delivering their strategic plans and objectives, managing other projects and members of staff to do so.

Governor - Decision-Maker

Governors are voluntary members of the community who want to contribute to the school’s strategic direction. Through setting aims, objectives, policies, and targets, they typically ensure that the school’s budget is well-spent, and challenge and support the Head Teacher’s delivery of academic outcomes.

Trustee - Decision-Maker

Governors within an academy trust are known as trustees, as opposed to Governors who belong to faith schools or schools ran by the Local Authority. Trustees perform the same actions as Governors, although work more closely with the trust’s CEO and answer to the trust’s members.

Middle Leadership

Key Stage Coordinator - Decision-Maker

Key Stage Coordinators support the monitoring and maximising of teaching, learning, and all outcomes across the Key Stage. Working closely with Year Heads and Department Heads, they’ll support staff; ensure appropriate, tailored curricula; and raise achievement. This will involve overseeing assessments, recording, and reporting.

Lower/Middle/Upper School Head - Decision-Maker

Reporting to the Head Teacher, the lower, middle, and upper school heads are responsible for all activities involving the staff and pupils in their part of the school. Often a Deputy or Assistant Head, these Heads will function as the chief articulator of targets and behavioural expectations for their section, plus assist with curriculum planning, recruitment, enrolment, and assessments.

Sixth Form Head - Decision-Maker

This role maintains, supports, and develops the education and wellbeing of students. Working with their deputies and director of studies, the Head of Sixth Form will take particular responsibility for the Sixth Form’s strategy and development, supporting UCAS and other application processes, organising events, and overseeing communication.

Reception / Early Years Coordinator - Decision-Maker

These coordinators are responsible for the mental, social, emotional, and educational development of the under-fives. Sometimes a class teacher themselves, they’ll manage the curriculum, year group staff, school transitions, parent communications, safeguarding, and behaviour and welfare.

Year Head - Decision-Maker

The head of each year group oversees the welfare and outcomes of their year’s pupils. Each head will support a group of tutors, focusing on high standards of social, personal, and academic development. With guidance from the Pastoral Lead, each Year Head will provide pastoral support and communication for all pupils and families, including those vulnerable or at-risk, and typically lead year assemblies and activities.

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