Sell More to Schools: Zero In On Red Hot Leads

Sell More to Schools: Zero In On Red Hot Leads

Set your sights on the red-hot teacher leads in your sales funnel and close more sales.

Set your sights on the red-hot teacher leads in your sales funnel and close more sales.

John Smith
John Smith
Published: 23rd July 2022

Set your sights… On the red-hot leads in your funnel

How many times have you heard your sales team complain about bad leads? Of course, there’s no such thing as a bad lead, it’s just that not every single teacher that visits your website is ready for a call from your sales team.

That’s why Campus, our revolutionary new marketing and sales software for education businesses, is designed to help you visualise where a lead sits within your sales funnel so you can easily differentiate red-hot sales opportunities from casual followers.

How is it going to do it? Read on and prepare to be blown away…


Using Campus’s Forms module, you can start attracting some of the 250,000 teachers in The Education Database to forms on your website where they can enter their details in exchange for downloading a free resource or whitepaper.

The moment a teacher completes the form, they will be automatically converted into a contact in your Campus CRM module. And now they’re in your sales funnel we can do some really cool stuff…


Once a teacher has been converted into a contact, Campus’s Touchpoints module will then automatically track every single interaction they have with your business. This includes every web page they visit, every link they click in your marketing emails, and every quote they request… anything!

All of this activity is automatically logged against each contact and is visible to any member of your team in an instant.


Not only will Campus allow you to track every visit, download, and click in real-time; it will also enable you to award ‘funnel points’ to your leads based on those interactions.

You might want to award 5 points for clicking a link in a marketing email, 10 points for visiting the prices page on your website, and 20 points for requesting a quote. It’s completely up to you and there is no limit to the number of rules you can create! 


Using Campus you can then set up thresholds to determine how many points a contact needs before they move to a more qualified stage in your sales funnel. Again, you decide what these thresholds are based upon how your business works.

So, any contact with 0-49 points may be just a Follower, a contact with 50-99 points may become a Lead, and a contact with 100 or more points may qualify as an Opportunity.


Your sales team will never complain about bad leads again. By using Campus they can quickly and easily identify those red-hot Opportunities and focus their energy on closing these.

It will also enable your marketing team to focus on encouraging your Followers and Leads to earn more points and progress through your sales funnel; therefore providing the sales team with a steady flow of high-quality Opportunities to close! 

Work smarter… and close more of your sales leads!

There are two key things holding your sales team back when it comes to closing leads; lack of time, and lack of insight into the needs of each lead.

Campus solves both of these issues. It allows your sales team to focus their energy on the leads that are actually in a position to make a purchase and, crucially, it enables them to go into each email or call at the lead’s point of interest, knowing where their needs lie.


Why don’t you book a free Campus demo and see how Campus will enable you to close more leads than ever before? Our sales rocketed by 24% in the first year of using Campus and I’m sure it could do the same for you. Contact me on and we'll be happy to arrange it for you.

I look forward to meeting you!


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