2015: Year Zero For Selling To Schools (Part 2)

2015: Year Zero For Selling To Schools (Part 2)

Today is the second part of our look at how Campus will revolutionise marketing to schools in 2015. If you missed the fi...

Today is the second part of our look at how Campus will revolutionise marketing to schools in 2015. If you missed the fi...

Jackie O'Shea
Jackie O'Shea
Published: 9th February 2015

Today is the second part of our look at how Campus will revolutionise marketing to schools in 2015. If you missed the first part of this journey then now might be a good time to hit the rewind button and find out about the 1 seismic change that means selling to schools will never be the same again.

Campus Video

Without further ado, here are the final 5 ways that Campus will transform your relationships with teachers in 2015:


Imagine telling your sales team that from now on they can go into every sales call, and every meeting, armed with a complete picture of how that individual teacher has interacted with you in the past; which web pages they’ve visited, which marketing campaigns they showed an interest in, everything!

Campus’ subscriber timeline will make you a hero in the eyes of your sales team, enabling them to enter every single conversation at the teacher’s point of interest and where their needs lie.


Email personalisation is nothing new. However, in 2015 it will go to a whole new level, giving you the data and tools you need to create truly person-centric marketing content.

Campus includes school data such as exam results, finances, pupil demographics, and latest Ofsted ratings, enabling you to segment and personalise your marketing lists to a degree you’ve only been able to dream of until now.


With an estimated 51% of emails now being opened on mobile devices, the simple truth is that teachers are increasingly consuming your marketing while they’re on the move, so they need you to make it easy for them to digest.

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, according to Forrester Research, a one-minute video is worth a whopping 1.8 million words! Give lengthy email copy the heave-ho and use snackable infographics and bite-size videos to tell your story.


For too many businesses, making the sale is seen as the end of the process, when in reality it should be just the starting point for nurturing teachers into brand champions.

In 2014 Campus enabled Sprint to increase referral leads by 88% and repeat purchaser spend by 42%, by giving us the data we need to target our clients more precisely. It can do the same for you in 2015.


There’s just no way you can achieve the personalised experiences we’ve spoken about in the previous 9 points while trying to knit together processes from multiple systems.

External data providers, email broadcasting platforms, CRM’s, invoicing and quoting systems; with Campus you don’t need any of these. It simply brings all your needs into one super-cool application so you and your team are working from one single point.

Do you want to be one of the first to use Campus?

We started using Campus in July 2014 and the results have been staggering. Campus will soon be ready for just a select group of businesses to use, before it is officially released to the education sector later in the year.

If you want to take a giant leap ahead of the competition, make sure you hurry and register your interest to become a Beta user of Campus:

This is the year that selling to schools changes forever!

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