Campus Update: Enhanced List Building for Education Marketing

Campus Update: Enhanced List Building for Education Marketing

Targetting schools and teachers in the UK just got simpler, discover our versatile new list builder

Targetting schools and teachers in the UK just got simpler, discover our versatile new list builder

Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis
Published: 6th December 2023

We're excited to announce our industry-leading education marketing platform, Campus, is taking another step forward. In short, we’re introducing an enhanced email list builder for our UK database of schools and teachers.

All-new list builder

We‘ve designed it to be an easier-to-use and more effective list builder — meaning no more rigid one-list-at-a-time approaches. Instead, you’ll be able to experience versatile lists, optimised to target the education sector audience you want to market to.

We are always on the lookout for improvements to your marketing-to-schools experience, and our latest evolution of Campus is designed to provide you with the best tools possible for delivering exceptional strategies that get results and boost sales.

Campus clients using our International Data will recognise these features, having already experienced the benefits of our new list builder for contacting international educators.

If you are new to Campus, our overview will get you up to speed.

For everyone else, let’s get into it and find out exactly how Campus is changing this December.

Target multiple job roles in a single list

One of the most significant improvements is the ability to target multiple job roles within a single list. Previously, users were required to create separate lists for each job role, quickly reaching their education data list limits, and necessitating multiple email campaigns.

Instead, users can now embrace multiple job roles. For instance, Enterprise users can target up to five job roles per list, while Professional users can target up to three. This consolidation streamlines the email marketing process and saves valuable time.

Versatile data sets

The new list builder introduces improved flexibility for combining data sets. Before this update, users had to create multiple lists for different data sets, even if they intended to send the same email to all the lists. The new filtering system allows users to combine varying lists and data sets using the OR statement.

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For example, you could target all Head Teachers in London OR Head Teachers at any school with more than 15% of pupils eligible for Pupil Premium. By setting up two ‘OR’ statements, the list builder generates two lists, combines them, and eliminates duplicates, resulting in a single list for targeted outreach.

Limiting the number of teachers per list

The new list builder incorporates a List Management Filter that enables users to specify the number of teachers they want to target per school. This feature is particularly beneficial for users with fewer monthly email credits.

Instead of using numerous credits to reach a large number of teachers at a single school, users can instruct the list builder to limit the number of teachers targeted at each institution. This strategic approach optimises email credit usage and ensures efficient outreach.

Counts: data-driven marketing strategies

What’s more Enterprise Plan users can access 'Counts' from their lists. These counts provide valuable insights for planning marketing strategies based on data, credit allowance, and Education Calendars.

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Let’s look at one way this could work. A STEM resources company seeking to increase sales to secondary schools can use counts to delve into the data on who to target. STEM leaders would be the most obvious title but STEM can be taught in a range of subject areas, so totalling how many science, maths, and technology-based teachers there are as well, will present a clearer picture and make planning the campaign much simpler.

Flexible table view

The previous table view for list data had fixed columns that couldn't be customised. The new list builder introduces the ability to personalise your table view, allowing you to select the columns to display. The result is that you now have the flexibility to tailor the list data to your specific needs and preferences and export only the columns you wish to review.

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What to keep in mind

While the new list builder offers enhanced flexibility and advanced list-building capabilities, it also introduces a minor trade-off. Campus lists can now be categorised as either:

  1. Teachers Direct Emails.
  2. School Office Emails.

If existing UK Education Data lists contain both Teacher Emails and School Office Emails, they will be converted to Teacher Emails only lists in the new release. To target School Office Emails, users will need to create a new School Email List.

A step into the future

The new Campus list builder represents a significant step forward for education marketers. Its enhanced features, including multiple job role targeting, flexible data set combinations, teacher targeting per school, data-driven counts, and customisable table views, empower marketers to build targeted email lists, optimise email credit usage, and make informed marketing decisions based on precise insights.

Not a Campus user?

Then you’re missing out! There’s a lot that Campus has to offer as your one-stop shop for education marketing. Campus is built on our extensive and reliable school databases, including for schools within the UK and International Schools around the globe. Leverage our reach to target a wider education audience, then build on engagement to segment and refine your follow-up communications with ease.

Campus isn’t just about accessing our data; you can benefit from our education-specific intelligence too, such as bespoke reports, academic year calendars, education news bulletins, and much more. It’s your pathway to mastering your education marketing approach.

Take back control of how you connect with schools and manage your entire sales pipeline by converting education connections into customers — all through our industry-leading platform Campus.

Arrange a Campus demo

To see our new list builder in action, get in touch with our team of education experts to arrange your Campus demo. It’s time to make your education marketing happen!

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