Data-Driven Education Marketing Success – Strategy Frameworks

Data-Driven Education Marketing Success – Strategy Frameworks

Discover how our managed campaigns are built to supercharge your selling-to-schools results

Discover how our managed campaigns are built to supercharge your selling-to-schools results

Lance Martin
Lance Martin
Published: 6th November 2023

Welcome to our insight series on Managed Strategies – our in-house service that takes your education marketing and emails to teachers entirely off your hands.

In this series, we’ll show you exactly how our team of education experts plan, design, and launch strategies that connect you with educators, convert connections into leads, and ultimately, boost your sales.

But what goes into creating industry-leading email strategies, and how do we give your campaigns the best chance for success?

We’re revealing everything in this series. Let’s dive into how our Strategy Frameworks provide the foundations…

Strategy Frameworks: The Core of Email Marketing Excellence

Strategy Frameworks are cutting-edge blueprints designed to supercharge your email marketing efforts with precision using data-driven insights.

The pillars of a winning Strategy Framework

Individualised support
Picture the scene: you’ve just scheduled a three-phase email strategy to schools. What happens next? Well, one of our superb creative team members will be in touch.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and supportive, and that’s why, throughout the planning processes, you’ll be paired with your perfect-match copywriter who’ll curate your framework, and be on hand to answer any of your questions and explain all of their data-driven decisions.

Nothing can replicate human connection when it comes to coordinating a strategy. That’s why we take the time to carefully understand your strategy briefing document, and listen to your aims and ambitions, to help feed into the creative process while ultimately aiming for the most successful strategy possible.

Strategy briefing document
What is the strategy briefing document, I hear you ask? Well, this is where we collect the key details that will make up the main objectives of your strategy. Here, you’ll get the chance to tell us all about your product or service, possible call-to-actions, and practical elements such as your timeline, visual assets, specific wording preferences, and broadcasting details.

Clarity is crucial at this stage. Ironing out subtle nuances means we’ll all be on the same page for the most seamless experience possible, with possible pain points identified so we can overcome barriers between you and your audience.

Data-driven recommendations
With your aims in our hands, we dive into our database consisting of over 13,000 previous email campaigns. No other education marketing provider can call on this level of experience to derive data-driven education marketing recommendations.

Sixteen years of experience launching award-winning email campaigns to schools means we don’t have to guess what will and won’t work. We have extensive data specific to your industry, objectives - even down to the date you’re sending - and much more to prove our methodologies.

Our creative team analyse your strategy’s aims, buzzwords, timings, and target audience - to name but a few data points - alongside those of similar successful campaigns. Key recommendations based on objective criteria are generated and combined with our team’s learnings from recent winning strategies to produce your very own bespoke Strategy Framework.

Selecting themes for success!
To craft a high-impact email strategy, we then select our own in-house email themes that align with your goals. These themes dictate the format and content of your emails - such as length, tone of voice, context, and the role they’ll play in your overall strategy. Our themes are carefully chosen to work in tandem with each other, and play a pivotal role in maximising the impact of not only each email, but your entire strategy.

Let’s look at an example of how a potential three-email strategy can use themes.

Impact CTA
This is one of our go-to themes for kicking off a three-email strategy. It’s a visual-heavy format, designed to capture the attention of teachers who could spend only seconds reading your email. Research shows teachers have time to read only 50 words on average, so we aim to cap the email at around the 50-word mark (although our record is a whopping 7 words!) to maximise impact, build curiosity, and generate as many clicks to your website as possible. After all, if you give everything away in your email, what incentive is there for teachers to visit your website?

For your second email, we might use our Educator theme. Designed to inform teachers exactly who you are and what your solution can do for them in detail, it combines visuals with longer text sections to effectively educate them about how you can address their needs.

For your third and final email, a more direct approach is introduced to spur teachers into action. Our 1-2-1 emails are built as plain text, and not the usual design-heavy marketing email, to appear as if you’ve sat and typed out the email to that one particular school. This establishes that personal connection that’s often an essential part of the buying process, and encourages direct responses. When used as part of a three-phase strategy, these emails generate around 75% of your strategy’s responses, on average.

Education Intelligence

Your Strategy Framework is planned, but we’re not quite done. We know content and structure are not enough to bring success alone. That’s where our sector-specific intelligence comes into play, adapting your strategy to the context in which teachers receive it.

Timing is everything
Our live education calendars (covering UK and International dates, with a US variant coming soon) give us the right data to pinpoint when your campaign will make the most significant impact. For instance, campaigns promoting environmentally friendly energy solutions may perform better when timed during events like "Switch Off Fortnight." Similarly, history teachers are more receptive to your topic resources in advance of their teaching schedules, making events like Black History Month ideal for outreach.

Informed messaging
In addition to education calendars, our education team keeps us updated on the latest developments in the education sector through regular bulletins. This ensures that the tone and wording of your emails remain aligned with current events and trends, while avoiding any references to potentially controversial topics.

With our Education Intelligence, your email campaigns are not only well-crafted but also well-timed and contextually relevant.

Launch your campaign

With your Strategy Framework in place, the final step is to launch your campaign. Our intelligence-driven insights, timely planning, and expert crafting ensure your strategy has the foundations for success.

Are you ready to make a lasting impact with a managed strategy tailored for education marketing success?

Reach out to our friendly team at Sprint Education today, and start building your pathway to selling-to-schools success!

Finally, keep an eye out for our next blog in this series. Follow us via our LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts to stay in the loop and ensure you don't miss any valuable insights.

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