Campus: What’s New April 2017

Campus: What’s New April 2017

Welcome to our periodic update that highlights the recent improvements we’ve made to Campus, so you can easily stay up to date with what’s new.

Welcome to our periodic update that highlights the recent improvements we’ve made to Campus, so you can easily stay up to date with what’s new.

Selina Buckley
Selina Buckley
Published: 5th May 2017

Campus Updates

April may have got itself a little confused on the weather front, swapping the usual April showers for a bit of snow and hail; but our development team aren’t following suit. They’re continuing forward in leaps and strides, bringing you some more super cool features to transform your Campus experience.

This month, it’s all about helping you manage your Contacts as efficiently as possible. Let’s see what our development team have launched in April…

The New 'Points' Tab

Did we hear you say you wanted a super easy way to see the points your Contact has accrued, as well as be able to reset a single Contact’s points? You’ve got it…

You’re now able to head into your Contact’s page and see the new tab, ‘Points’, where you can effortlessly see your Contact’s total points, how they have accumulated these points, as well as being able to reset their score when desired. Check out how this works here.

Contact Points

Removing Quote Points Upon Closure

When you close a quote you now have the ability to remove the points that the Contact was awarded when the quote was created – hoorah!

Removing Quote Points

And when deleting a quote, Campus will also double check you didn’t mean to close it instead… you know, just in case.

Head over to our Knowledge Base to learn all the intricate details on Closing and Deleting Quotes.

Organising Your Custom Fields

We are huge fans of Custom Fields here at Campus Support, and they just got even better…

Now you can not only create awesome Custom Fields for Ultimate Contact Management, but you can also sort these Custom Fields to dictate the order in which they appear, choose whether you would like your Custom Field available for Form creation, as well as archiving any you don’t currently need.

Find out more about Custom Fields

Custom Fields

General Improvements

Not only have these awesome new features been created, but our development team have also been working like busy little bees refactoring modules and improving databases behind the scenes to create the most robust, quickest and slickest Campus you’ve ever seen.

Data Cleansing

As usual, we’ve had the data team working endlessly to cleanse our school database, making sure every teacher and school email address is up to date and ready to receive your marketing to schools.

Bugs Squashed

Our bug squashing count is currently through the roof with our web team squashing a total of 7 bugs in April!

Campus Marketing to Schools

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