Learn to read the room with Sprint’s Education News, only on Campus Resources!

Learn to read the room with Sprint’s Education News, only on Campus Resources!

Discover why keeping up on Education News really matters to the success of your selling-to-schools campaigns.

Discover why keeping up on Education News really matters to the success of your selling-to-schools campaigns.

Ben Sawyer
Ben Sawyer
Published: 28th September 2023

Whether it’s through our landmark surveys, our insightful reports, or engaging videos, the Education Team at Sprint devote themselves to helping you truly understand the teaching and learning landscape when you are preparing your latest strategy for selling to schools.

Staying on top of the education news is a huge part of what we do.

This is for two principal reasons:

  1. To ensure that our Sales, Campaigns, and Design teams are fully equipped to provide the best, most up-to-date guidance available.
  2. To guide you, the education businesses, as you devise your next sales strategy.

Why does the news matter?

It’s quite simple – knowing what’s going on in the news could be the difference between a teacher engaging with your email, consigning it to the junk folder or worse - unsubscribing from future mailings.

Two types of story will give you that extra foot up the selling-to-schools ladder. Firstly, it’s the stories that illuminate new funding pathways, that delve into key education stats, and furnish vital insights on policies and trends that are affecting schools, thereby influencing sales strategies.

Secondly, there are the human stories: those that affect the people involved in education. These stories will provide you with a strong understanding of the pain points of educators, as well as things that will delight them, but also relate them back to the more objective articles to provide context as to why the educators are feeling the way they are.

Let’s use an example from September 2023.

You are a construction business that has found a way to prolong the lifespan on RAAC. Without checking the news, you email schools in the Essex area to see if you can offer your services.

Had you checked the news, you would know that a higher proportion of schools in the Essex area were affected by RAAC than in other parts of the country. This is some basic information that is vital for you, as a construction company, to know.

Imagine now that you’ve just sent your email to a headteacher who’s had to move back to online teaching because three out of their seven classrooms are in danger of collapse due to the RAAC in those rooms having failed. They will read the email and (having possibly laughed in disbelief) will move on to the next email and not give yours a second thought. They have an understandably human response to this, having had to deal with the stress of sudden changes to their ‘back to school’ planning.

Now, if you were to take a different course of action: maybe suggest to the decision-maker, with whom you’re about to build a relationship, that you can help to make the affected classrooms safe for students and staff to return to in-person lessons perhaps sooner than they thought, then it’s far more likely to grab their attention and resonate with their current challenges.

This might seem an unlikely scenario, but it illustrates the importance of knowing what challenges your target audience might be facing as you embark on your new sales strategy.

Let’s say now that you are a swimming provider trying to promote swimming in primary schools. You have a good routine of recruiting schools and perhaps had not considered widening your net.

However, having caught up with one of our news bulletins, you see that swimming and water safety attainment at primary schools is being described as ‘mixed’, according to a September 2023 report from Ofsted. This informative news story, and the reasons behind it, are now the catalyst for you to spring into action. You can target schools with swimming facilities, and market to them based on how they can turn their swimming provision into a success by accessing the essential sports premium funding, thereby turning a challenge into a solution.

Save time and prioritise what's relevant to your business.

Well, this is where we come in. You may already have your favourite news sources. However, the Education Team at Sprint spend time each week scouring all the major news outlets, picking out stories that will be of use to education businesses. We then take a selection of the key stories and put them into a bulletin lasting around ten minutes.

Fully informed about what’s going on, you can select the stories pertinent to your area of interest, and delve deeper into how to bring them into your marketing copy. Moreover, each report includes sector-relevant comments to point you in the right direction and get the most out of the story.

On Campus Resources, where you can watch the news every fortnight, you will find a comprehensive list of all the stories featured in each bulletin, accompanied with links to the original source (*Some of these require subscriptions) so that you can get a full picture of the story and find other related reads.

Not only that, but the videos have chapter markers, meaning you can skip to the stories that will affect or impact your business the most.

Where do I find Education News?

It’s all on Campus. You can find the Education News bulletins in Campus Resources, in our Intelligence module. There are bulletins for UK and US news every fortnight to help keep you up to date with all of the most important stories in the education world.

To discover all that Campus has to offer as THE one-stop shop for businesses that market to schools, contact our team today to arrange a demo of our revolutionary platform that’s evolving education marketing.

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