Groundbreaking New Marketing to Schools Email Tracking

Groundbreaking New Marketing to Schools Email Tracking

Never settle for outdated notions about email tracking again. Be certain about what works with next-level marketing to schools campaign reports.

Never settle for outdated notions about email tracking again. Be certain about what works with next-level marketing to schools campaign reports.

Ben Lewis
Ben Lewis
Published: 4th October 2023

Probably the Most Sophisticated Marketing to Schools Tracking Report In the World!

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand-new email tracking service, exclusively designed for education businesses partnering with Sprint Education for their selling-to-schools email campaigns.

This summer we’ve retired our static PDF reports and replaced them with a cutting-edge online reporting system meticulously crafted by our team of Engineers.

Instead of waiting seven days for their reports, our clients can now log in to their portal to view all of their future reports within 24 hours.

But that’s not all!

We’ve also introduced some incredible developments to provide our clients with the most sophisticated marketing results data available.

So what’s new?

Interrogation of data

For years sellers to schools have been frustrated by limited tracking report data off the back of emailing schools.

Picture this: you've targeted Head Teachers and Maths Teachers in UK Schools with a single email campaign, yet you couldn't analyse how the Head Teachers responded compared to the Maths Teachers, or how Primary School staff engaged versus Secondary School staff.

Now it is possible!

Starting this September, Sprint Education's managed strategy clients gain access to their future campaign results online.

They can filter, compare, and contrast how different staff types, school types, geographic locations, and even sizes of schools are reacting differently to their marketing.

Results are now more transparent and will unlock a wealth of engagement data to use when planning future content and strategies.

Skewed results

In recent times, developments in email filters have wreaked havoc on the validity of tracking reports across the world by automatically opening and clicking (usually multiple times) an email to check it for viruses before allowing it into an inbox.

Here at Sprint, we refer to these critters as “Bots” - we don’t like Bots because they skew tracking report results.

Many a blog has been written about this topic by some of the world’s leading email software providers and the usual synopsis is to explain that this issue is not going away and marketers will have to settle for skewed results.

We refused to settle!

Instead, our Engineers analysed millions of server logs and campaign results to understand how Bots operate. From this, they were able to write algorithms into our reporting system that will automatically spot any suspected Bot activity, and remove it from the tracking results.

It now means that Sprint’s managed strategy clients will be able to generate bot-free email tracking reports going forward.

Engaged recipients

Traditionally, after we complete a campaign for a client, and they have already ordered a database of engaged recipients, we would then send them a spreadsheet (including contact details) of up to 1,000 teachers/staff that had engaged with their campaign to keep and use for follow-ups.

This report took 7 days to generate, and because it was automatically built it prevented our clients from deciding for themselves which engaged recipients were more valuable to them if they did generate more than the 1,000 limit.

Now this has all changed!

Our new system allows clients to view all engaged recipients, even if they exceed 1,000. They now have the flexibility to filter by different firmographic and demographic fields, enabling them to effectively hand-select the engaged recipients that they want to follow up.

For example, if you had 3,000 engaged recipients you can now drill that down to your 1,000 limit to export by removing engaged recipients with certain job roles, working in certain school types and locations, engaged with your email in specific ways, or even any contacts that you may have downloaded from previous campaigns.

We’ve unlocked the door to your engaged recipients, given you the power of choice, and ultimately enabled you to retarget the teachers/staff you know are the most valuable to your education business.

And we’re not done there.

We have exciting plans to release additional features to our reporting system, offering our selling-to-schools clients the ultimate marketing results data.

Watch this space, and for those of you already scheduled to send with us in the Autumn Term we hope you love the new and enhanced system.

For those of your wondering how you too can take advantage of our industry-leading email tracking reports, get in touch with us today.

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